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September Birthdays
 September Birthdays
Mr. Jones-Lau 9/17
Sarah S. 9/19
Nut and Tree Nut "Free" Classroom
We will have no food items in our classroom that contain tree nuts or nuts. Alternative classroom snacks would include: golldfish, cheeze-its, pretzels, crackers. Students may still pack food items containing nuts for lunch.
Upcoming Events & Field Trips
Field Trips for May
May 11th Special Olympics Practice (9-1 p.m.)
May 18th Special Olympics Games (9-1:30 p.m.)
*Sack lunches for both please.

M-STEP/MI-ACCESS State Testing (April & May)
Testing Schedule:
Gr. 5 4-9 through 4-16
Gr. 3 4-30 through 5-10
Gr. 4 5-7 through 5-10

**Get to bed early and eat a good breakfast. :)