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6/9 3-5 Discuss Manners
What is one manners lesson that you will remember from this year? This is your last Manners Matter at Myers lesson for the school year :)
6/7 K-2 Discuss Manners
Discuss something students learned about manners this year. This is your last Manners Matter at Myers lesson for the school year :)
6-2 k-2 Discuss cell phones and how to politely use them
Discuss cell phones and how to politely use them.
6/1 k-2 practice making a phone call politely
Practice making a phone call politely.
5/31 k-2 Practice Answering the phone
Practice answering the phone.
5/30 K-2 Discuss when it is ok to interrupt
Talk about a good reason to interrupt your parents when they are on the phone.
5/19 Follow Up to Monday
Has anyone done something this week for an elderly person?
5/15 Discuss Helping the Elderly
What could you do this week to help an elderly person? Could you call, write to or help an elderly person this week?
1/6 Share who is Your Favorite person to talk to
Who is one of your favorite people to talk to?
What conversation skills do they have?
1/5 Discuss Being a Better listener
How can you be a better listener?
Do you talk more than you listen?
1/3 Write a "Thank You"
Write a "Thank You" card to someone for a gift or act of kindness you received.
12/8 Share
Share what you have learned about table manners.
12/6 Discuss Heaping Plates
Discuss why it is not polite to heap your plate with food.

Discussion Starters

-take 1 serving
-let everyone get some
12/2 Review
Remember Germs!

Discussion Starters

-no double dipping
-take what you touch
-use serving spoons
11/30 K-2 Review
Review what to do about accidents.
11/28 Share
Share the manners you used or saw others using on Thanksgiving.
11/10 Share
Share the question you asked at the dinner table last night and what you learned in reply to the question.
10/21 Share Empathy
How does it make you feel when someone has empathy for you?
10/7 Share Accepting the Word "No"
Share a recent time someone told you "No" and how you responded to them.
10/4 Practice Accepting the Word "No"
Practice your reaction when someone tells you "No."
9/30 Share 1st Request
Share a recent time you obeyed a first request and what happened.


Share an example of a request you should obey the first time.
9/27 Practice 1st Request
Role play in your class what obeying 1st Request looks like.
9/16 Practice Introductions
Practice introducing yourself to 2 or 3 students who were not in your class last year.